Why Should I Contact an Independent Insurance Agent About My Medicare Advantage Options?

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Navigating Original Medicare plans and parts, figuring out the insurance option that works best for you, understanding the way Original, Advantage and Supplement plans work and matching all the features available to your financial situation and your health issues can be overwhelming and discouraging. Fortunately, nobody has to face all those challenges alone – there are many independent insurance agents who specialize in Medicare Advantage and other health insurance options and who can explain to you everything you need to know about your possibilities. Here are some things to know about these independent insurance specialists and about the benefits of hiring one of them to help you choose your plan.

Who Is, in Fact, an Independent Medicare Agent?

Independent Medicare agents are practically insurance agents who specialize in health insurance policies from various insurance providers, professionals who undergo certification processes each year to make sure that they are familiar with the most recent changes implemented in the system. They have in-depth knowledge of the Original Medicare system as well as of alternative options, such as Medicare Advantage and they can help their clients choose the plan that best meets their specific needs and requirements.

Why Turn to an Independent Insurance Agent for Your Medicare Advantage Plan?

Original Medicare is the national health insurance program for people who turn 65 as well as for certain categories of younger people – a system that consists of a Part A that covers for hospital treatments, a Part B that covers for outpatient treatments and a Part D that covers for prescription medication. The missing Part C is practically what is known today as Medicare Advantage – a set of plans provided by private insurers that provide beneficiaries the same benefits as national Part A, B and D plans as well as some additional components, such as coverage for dental care, vision care and hearing aids.

The above description is a very simplified definition of what Medicare Advantage is – Advantage plans are offered by so many insurance providers, the features and the options included are so varied and the policies can vary so widely in terms of financial aspects as well that the task of understanding the system and making the best decision would require lengthy research. The independent insurance agents who specialize in Medicare can simplify the process by presenting the best pans to their clients and by explaining the pros and cons of each of the available option. What these Medicare brokers Colorado specialists can also do for their clients is to provide help and assistance with the enrollment process as well, making sure that all the documents and forms are filled in correctly and that all the enrollment deadlines are met.

Independent Medicare agents can also provide help for people who want to change their existing Medicare Advantage plan or who want to switch to a different insurer. The process in this case also involves determining financial options and health goals, making decisions about the configuration of the new plan, filling forms and meeting deadlines – tasks that insurance agents know how to handle correctly.