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Best Methods to Whiten Your Teeth

Everyone wants a superstar smile. You know it: wide, white and so bright that it shines brighter than photographers’ flashes. In theory, everyone gets white teeth as they start growing. Onwards, hygiene and lifestyle choices make some people lose that bright shining of perfectly clean teeth.

There are many reasons why teeth turn yellow. From the teeth cleaning routine, to the foods and drinks people choose, all these causes have a compounded effect on the teeth. Also, certain chronic illnesses and medications that people need to take have a negative impact on the aspect and health of teeth and gums.

Teeth Whitening – Do Not Fall Victim to Unproven Methods

The internet can be a source of lots of information, both true and false. It is no different when we are talking about teeth whitening. A simple search would leave the person puzzled: some websites recommend a method; others say that it must be avoided.

This is why people should always seek professional advice and read articles on reputable websites, such as dental clinics and public health authorities. The problem with unproven methods is that they can do more harm than good. In the worst case scenario, the enamel that covers the teeth may become damaged. This makes the teeth vulnerable to bacteria that cause cavities and other health problems.

What Are the Recommended Ways to Whiten Your Teeth?

The first step towards maintaining your teeth white is a proper teeth cleaning routine. It involves: brushing, flossing and using mouthwash. Tooth brushing alone is not sufficient, even for a basic hygiene of the mouth, let alone teeth whitening.

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Other tested and proven methods are:

  1. Teeth Whitening Kits from Pharmacies

DIY teeth whitening is fraught with risks if you buy no-name kits on the internet. The only products you should trust are those sold in pharmacies. These kits have been tested and certified as safe to use by consumers.

Even in the case of certified teeth whitening kits, you should be careful to read the instructions. Improper use may not harm your teeth, but you won’t achieve the desired effect.

  1. Whitening Toothpaste

Many toothpastes promise to whiten your teeth. Some of them contain activated charcoal (so farm an unproven method according to professional dentists’ associations), others, abrasive particles.

People with sensitive teeth should avoid the latter type of whitening toothpastes. The abrasive particles may thin their enamel and leave their teeth even more sensitive to pain.

  1. Give Up Smoking

Nicotine has many negative effects on health, including on your teeth. Heavy smokers can be easily identified by their yellowing teeth. Thus, the best solution is to give up smoke altogether and save both your health and your money.

If you feel you cannot do it, then remember to wash your teeth more frequently, especially right after smoking several cigarettes in a row. E-cigarettes are also an alternative you should explore, as you inhale vapors not burnt nicotine smoke.

  1. Professional Teeth Whitening at the Dentist’s

Last but not least, the safest method for teeth whitening, and with the best effect, is going to your dentist. Littleton dental offices have specialized equipment and substances that whiten the teeth without injuring the enamel. Plus, you dentist knows your teeth and can select the best method to give you a superstar smile.