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Check Your Skin Regularly, but have the Dermatologist See You as Well

You should also have the dermatologist see you from time to time, especially if suspect there may be something wrong with your skin. At the same time, performing self-checks on a regular basis can help you prevent even serious issues such as cancer.

Self-examination of your skin should be done in a properly lit room, for best results and in order not to miss anything important. Also, the room should have a long mirror, so that you can have a full-body check. You can ask for your spouse or a family member to help you with these skin exams, because there may be areas on your body which are harder to check, such as the back of your thighs.

In case you are examining your skin for the first time, you need to get familiar with its special texture, with any kind of blemishes, freckles or moles so that you can notice any potential changes in the future. You should definitely show your doctor any areas which may worry you.

Regular self-exams are recommended for people who have a weakened immune system. People who previously had cancer or who have a history of cancer in their family should also check their skin regularly.

You should check your face, your neck, ears, belly, etc. Next, you should check your underarms, both of your arms, the palms and the area between your fingers. You can inspect other parts of your skin while sitting down, including your thighs, your feet and toes, as well as the area between your toes. In order to reach your calves or the back of your thighs, you can use a hand mirror. A hand mirror can basically help you check areas of your body which are harder to reach.

For checking your scalp, you can use a hand mirror and a hair dryer. At any rate, the best time to check your skin is after a shower or a bath.

Any kind of newly appeared blemishes or spots, as well as moles can be of particular interest. Sores which bleed and seem very hard to heal should also represent major concerns for you and your dermatologist.

In case you discover something odd or suspicious on your skin, you should quickly inform your dermatologist about it, so that you can get the much needed reassurance or treatment, in case of need. Most often it is better to prevent than to treat, so you should not hesitate to contact your dermatologist as soon as you discover something strange related to your skin.

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Your dermatologist will probably ask you more detailed questions, such as when was the exact moment when you noticed the unusual mole or blemish, and if it changed since then, and so on. Also, dermatologists have the necessary equipment to perform specialized checks and deliver accurate results in a short period of time. If needed you may be referred to the best Mohs surgeon near me for additional consultation and care.

Having a lot of moles on your skin could be a sign of potential risk, but you should always check with your doctor before you start worrying about this.